Sales and Marketing For Janitorial Services

M3 Sales and Marketing for Janitorial Services (softbound)

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Strategies for Promoting, Estimating, and   Bidding Cleaning Services

Learn how to overcome the fear of meeting a prospective customer. How to approach building owners and managers. How to compete with in-house custodial services. Advantages of contract building services. How to land the big contracts. Small accounts: do you need them? What customers look for in janitorial service contracts. Drafting a janitorial service contract.

Proposal form for initial cleaning services. The complete proposal and agreement. Cleaning specifications for general offices, lounges, restrooms, computer rooms, lunchrooms, storerooms, locker rooms, elevators, exercise rooms, warehouses, medical exam rooms. The secrets of persuasive communication. How to construct a sales letter. The direct mail reply card. The complete sales presentation. How to calculate the monthly fee. The fact sheet for sales and marketing. House and apartment cleaning. Bidding on government buildings. How to survive bidding wars. Coping with price cutting. Sell quality or price? Maintenance standards. How to obtain contract customers. The telephone sales presentation. How to find prospects. How to compensate a sales representative. Sales representative's targets and activity forms. Sales report forms. Account profile forms. Supplies form for new accounts. Bidding information form. Standard job times for labor. Estimating forms, and much more.  If you have ordered Building Service Contracting, you don't need to order this book.  BSC contains all of the same  information and more. 


"Great book! I picked up a [new account] through the help of this book. The customer was impressed with my proposal. I used the one in the book. I'm now negotiating with another customer for a sizeable account." 
(GS - Vancouver BC) 

"This book is the cornerstone!  My wife is wanting to start her own janitorial service, so I purchased this book for her as a gift. She has fallen in love with Forrest L. Farmer. Her nose is constantly in this book like a 10-year-old reading Harry Potter. I've looked into the book myself and can tell that it would be difficult to start a successful business without this book. There's all kinds of sample letters, bidding formats, and sage advice for anyone interested in working for themselves in this business. If you are thinking about getting into the cleaning business, don't start without this book. It can definitely be considered the cornerstone." 
(Reviewer: Paul B. Bellamy from Charlotte, NC, United States) 

"I ordered a course by another publisher and your book is far, far better. There's no comparison! I've learned more from just this one book than from all the other books I've read." (AF - Middletown, NY)



Overcoming the Fear of Meeting a Prospective Client
How to Be a Three-Dimensional Sales Person,
Sales Person Self Analysis Chart,
Capitalize on Your Company's Good Name, 
How to Compete With In-house Custodial Services
Advantages of Contract Building Services, 
Advantages and Disadvantages of Servicing Large Buildings,
What Clients Look for In Janitorial Service Contracts,
How Buyers Evaluate Building Service Contracts, 
Purchased-Labor Contract, 
Cost-Per-Square-Foot Contracts, 
Drafting a Janitorial Service Contract,
Proposal and Agreement: Initial Cleaning Services, 
Proposal and Service Agreement Sample, 
Cleaning Specifications, 
Persuasive Communication,
Sample Sales Letter to Facilities Managers, 
Reply Card for Direct Mail, 
The Presentation, 
How to Calculate the Monthly Fee,
Fact Sheet for Sales and Marketing,
House and Apartment Cleaning: Empty Units,
Bidding on Government Contracts,
How to Survive Bidding Wars, 
Coping with Price-Cutting, 
Sell Quality or Price?,
Maintenance Starndards: Necessary for Building Service Contractracts,
Standard Job Time List, 
Unlawful Trade Practices,
How to Obtain Contract Customers, 
How to Compensate a Sales Representative, 
Sales Representative's Targets and Activity, 
Sales Reports, 
Report of Prospects Contacted, 
Account Profile, 
Supplies Needed for New Accounts,
Restroom Supplies, Paper Products, and Miscellaneous Supplies
Communicatioin Forms, 
Customer Service Reply Card, 
Work Order Form, 
Prices for Carpet Cleaning, 
Custodial Housekeeping, 
How to Bid the Estimated Time Method, 
Minutes Converted to Fraction of an Hour Chart, 
Work Order and Cleaning Agreement for Empty Apartments and Houses, 
Sample Sales Letter for a Prospective Customer Taking Bids, 
Follow Up Letter to a Prospect Who Has Received Your Company Profile, 
Follow Up Letter to Prospect Who Has Received Your Bid Quotation, 
Follow Up Letter to Prospect Who Has Received Your Bid Quotation, 
Follow Up Letter After Contract Is Signed, 
Increase Monthly Service Fee Sample Letter #1, 
Increase Monthly Service Fee Sample Letter #2, 
Tally Sheet for Daily Points, 
Summary of Sales Activity, 
Sales Pending Chart, 
Sales Thoughts, 
Fifteen Reasons You Can Have Peace of Mind (Sales Flier), 
The Importance of Accurate Bidding, 
Price Per Square Foot Bidding, 
The Fundamental Parts of a Bid, 

Sales Brochures
Customer Agreement, Short Form
Cleaning Specifications, Short Form
Forms for Ten Bidding Methods
Charts: Frequency, Pricing, and Bidding
Sample Proposal