2000 Hospital Housekeeping Training Video Series

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This is a comprehensive housekeeping training kit. Over 5,550 hospitals are using these videos around the world to improve their housekeeping results.

The contents are screened by a hospital advisory council and include demonstrations by actual hospital personnel. All videos utilize the "interactive" method of training. 

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Consist of 17 training videos and 1 manual.

Videos in this series: 

1050 Theory of Infectious Cleaning
1051 BSI Body Substance Isolation
1052 Safety For Hospital Housekeepers
1053 Cleaning the Occupied Patient Unit
1054 Cleaning the Patient Rest Room
1055 Cleaning the Operating Room
1056 Carts, Closets, Equipment and Supplies
1057 Stripping and Finishing Hospital Floors
1058A High Speed Floor Maintenance Manual Methods
1058B High Speed Floor Maintenance Machine Methods
1059 Maintaining Hospital Carpet
1061 Cleaning the Discharge Unit
1062 Hospital Housekeeper Rules of Conduct
1063 Standard Precautions in Hospitals
1064 Hospital Daily Floor Maintenance
Hospital Office Cleaning
1066 Blood Borne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities
1060C Hospital Housekeeping Training Manual