1000 Custodial Training Video Series

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This is a complete custodial course consisting of fourteen videos and comprehensive one hundred and sixty page illustrated training manual w/ test. It provides documentation useful for Workman's Compensation claims, OSHA inspections, and personal injury lawsuits. Our videos focus on step by step while enforcing safety. It's also helpful in organizing training programs, cross training custodians and evaluating the custodial work force. It is a persuasive sales tool which demonstrates your training program to customers. Training Manual is optional as DVD or printed manual.

Special Pricing: Each video and the training manual are $160.00 each. If you bought each separately you would pay $2,400.00. Buy the whole series together and pay only $2,1000 a savings of $300.

1001A Interior Office Building Cleaning Part 1
1001B Interior Office Building Cleaning Part 2
1002 Ground Rules of Professional Custodians
1003 Safety for Custodians
1004 Building Emergency Procedures
1005 Basic Rest Room Cleaning
1010A Daily Floor Maintenance
1010B High Speed Floor Maintenance Manual Methods
1010C High Speed Floor Maintenance Machine Methods
1015 Maintaining Janitorial Equipment
1020 Stripping and Finishing Floors
Basic Supervision of Custodial Personnel
1204A Basic Carpet Cleaning Methods Part 1
1204B Basic Carpet Cleaning Methods Part 2
1001C Custodial Training Manual (233 pages)