CPI Bidding CD (instant download)

CPI Bidding CD (instant download)

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Contents of the NEW CD 

The forms and letters may be edited on your computer to add your company name, address, phone number, and other business information 

Proposals, Agreements, Letters, Check Sheets, Advertising Forms, and Other Forms 
Sample Proposal and Agreement, Initial Cleaning 
Proposal and Service Agreement, Long Form 
Sample Cover Letter 
Sample Service Agreement (Long Form) 
Sample Sales Material with Proposal 
Cleaning Specifications 
House and Apartment Cleaning Check Sheet 
House and Apartment Cleaning Bidding Chart 
Report of Prospects Contacted 
Account Profile 
Supplies Needed for New Account 
Work Order Form 
Sample Advertising Flier and Brochure 
Proposal and Agreement (Short Form) 
Cleaning Specifications and Frequencies (Short Form) 
Bidding Walk-through Data Gathering Form

Bidding Forms on Excel Spreadsheets with Bidding Program 
Intuitive Bidding Method 
Price Per Square Foot Bidding Method 
Production Rate Bidding Method (Time-Frequency-Rate Method) 
Production Rate Variable Chart 
Previous Experience Bidding Method 
Maximum-Minimum Bidding Method (High-Low Method) 
Standard Job Time Bidding Method 
Cost Plus Bidding Method 
Customer's Current Price 
Purchased Labor Bidding Method (Fixed Hourly Rate Method) 
Averaging Method (Averages the Other Nine Bidding Methods) 
Price Per Square Foot Bidding Method for Floors and Carpets 
Window Cleaning Bidding Pricing Forms 
Total Monthly Fee Form

Frequency and Pricing Charts for Project Work 
Frequency Charts 
Floor Care Prices 
Carpet Cleaning Prices

Bidding Charts for Janitorial Housekeeping  
(Include square feet, production rate, hours per cleaning, price per square foot, cleanings per month, total hours per month, monthly [janitorial housekeeping] fee, dollars per hour)

One (1) Time Per Month Service Chart 
Two (2) Times Per Month Service Chart 
Every Other Week Service Chart 
One (1) Time Per Week Service Chart 
Two (2) Times Per Week Service Chart 
Three (3) Times Per Week Service Chart 
Four (4) times Per Week Service Chart 
Five (5) Times Per Week Service Chart 
Six (6) Times Per Week Service Chart 
Seven (7) Times Per Week Service Chart

Bonus 1

Business Planning

Personal Evaluation
Goal Setting
Purpose of Business
Business Plan
Business Skills Matrix
Competitive Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Personal Financial Statement
Operating Statement
Competitive Strategy Development
Strategic Planning Model
Ideal Future Vision of Strategies
Resource Allocation Plan

Bonus 2

Human Resource Management

Employment Agreements
General Position
Employee Handbook
Employment Agreement
Administrative Coordinator Agreement
Agreement Sales Rep
Quality Control Manager

Wage Salaries 
Compensation Form

Job Description
Area Supervisor
Quality Control
Site Supervisor
Operations Manager
Vice President Operations

Employee Handbook 
62 Page Employee Handbook

Bonus 3

Sales and Marketing

16 Page Company Brochure 
Sales Forms

Bonus 4

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