The Science of Professional Cleaning

M6 Science of Professional Cleaning (eBook)

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This manual discusses all aspects of professional cleaning, including: Work patterns and procedures for higher productivity and quality assurance. Work scheduling.  What customers complain about most and how to eliminate those complaints. Understanding detergents and disinfectants. The importance of proper key control and security. Establishing maintenance standards for superior customer service. 

The professional way to clean offices, rooms, restrooms, drinking fountains, walls, ceilings, light fixtures, windows, and carpets. Proper furniture care. Understanding the different types of floors in general use. Energy efficient techniques for sweeping and mopping floors. The professional way to scrub, strip, spray buff, and dry buff floors. The proper way to apply floor finishes.  A step by step description of the unique process of scrub sealing floors. How to dust correctly. How to select the right equipment for your business. How to conserve time and energy for greater efficiency. How to use a rating or performance system. How to vacuum carpets and furniture more efficiently. How to remove carpet spots and spills safely. How to properly care for and maintain vacuum cleaners. Understanding the different types and kinds of carpets and carpet fibers. Learning how carpets are manufactured. Learning how to wash windows and glass professionally. And much more. 

What Our Readers Are Saying

"The best I've found!"

"The Science of Professional Cleaning is a superb resource. As the supervisor of the Campus Environment Team at a small college in the Midwest, I was looking for a reliable resource to use for the training of the campus cleaning crew. I had checked several that had been recommended but none fit what was needed. When I came across Forrest L. Farmer's book, I was thrilled. It is exhaustive in its content and yet concise and simple in its presentation. It has met our training needs beyond my expectations." 
(A reader from Owatonna, MN)