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"I am very impressed with the contents.  I have ordered other manuals from different sources, and yours has been the best value.  Someone wishing to start a janitorial service could not go wrong in following your advice."

John C.

"From page one to the end are excellent ideas that can be adapted to fit anyone's business needs.  I have personally read the book three times and studied it once through carefully.  Your tips make it easy for anyone to be successful.  I'm not a person who sells, but by adapting your ideas to my needs, I was able to secure a sizable contract. I want to extend my thanks and encourage anyone who wants to be successful to read your book."

Walter S.

"I want to tell you how pleased I am that this book is available to persons interested in starting their own janitorial business.  From front to back, this book answered my questions and also provided me with form letters and prices of which I was in dire need."

Allan A.

"This is the best written and the only manual on this business that I have been able to understand and get something out of.  Congratulations on a well written manual."

Roberto C.

"Just a few words of thanks on how your book has helped me.  I started with six (janitorial) accounts; now I have twenty-five accounts. The largest being 250,000 square feet.  The people in the cleaning business know I am around with three trucks with our name and phone number on them plus our yellow page ad.  Now I have fifteen people working for me and am getting ready to hire a salesman."

George O.